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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale
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For several years, sneakers and slip-ons have been the shoe trends for the spring-summer season. The textiles from which we produce these shoes are breathable, and elastic inserts or laces securely make the foot fit the shoes. On our website, you can choose sneakers and slip-ons of the coolest colors for both girls and boys.

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Dear partners, prices on the site are available only after authorization 

Kid’s sneakers and slip-ons are comfortable and practical footwear

Among the most popular kid’s footwear, the slip-ons are a highlight. They look like sneakers, but instead of lacing, there are elastic inserts that securely make the kid’s foot fit the shoes, which is very important for kids who still do not know how to tie the shoes. This footwear has become very popular because of its practicality and comfort. One of the advantages of such footwear is that it is as light as a feather.

Both boys and girls can wear the sneakers and slip-ons. This type of footwear works with shorts, breeches, trousers, skirts, and dresses. Thanks to modern colors, you can choose the right shoes for each outfit.


Sneakers and slip-ons: features and benefits

Modern shoes are made from textiles. This material is used both outside and inside, while the insole is made from leather. There will be no foot fatigue while wearing such shoes. There will be no sore feet, and during active outdoor games or long walks, the child will not feel discomfort.


The benefits of such footwear are:

  • the material used in the production is breathable;
  • footwear characteristics comply with age characteristics;
  • high-quality protection of feet from mechanical damage;
  • durability and reliability of the sole, which bends well and has excellent cushioning;
  • reliable footwear fixation;
  • lightweight;
  • practicality, versatility;
  • variety of colors;
  • value for money.

The sneakers and slip-ons are good to wear in spring, autumn and summer. The original and stylish colors will appeal to children.

For toddlers, we recommend buying high-top sneakers that can fix the ankle. Until the baby learns how to lace up, tie shoes and make bows, the slip-ons are the best option. We do not recommend buying sneakers or any other shoes true to size. There should always be a small space up to 1 cm.


Where to buy sneakers and slip-ons?

Often parents ask: where can we buy high-quality and beautiful kid’s sneakers wholesale from the manufacturer, which would be affordable, and at the same time there would be a choice. The easiest and most convenient way is to buy them in a specialized online store. You can buy kid’s sneakers and slip-ons wholesale at a bargain price at our Weestep stores.

We are engaged not only in the sale of shoes for kids but also in their production. It is worth buying our kid’s footwear since we have been doing this business for 20 years, so we know what we can offer for children of different ages. Each season, our collections are replenished with the most stylish and modern shoes that children always wear with great pleasure.

The catalog contains the footwear of various styles and colors. You can easily choose our kid’s slip-ons for a boy or a girl. We offer the same footwear for kids that adults wear. We always follow new ideas and integrate them into children’s footwear. Therefore, young fashionmongers will always look their best wearing our footwear.