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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale

About production




Some interesting facts about production:

  • The factory that produces Weestep children's shoes covers an area of more than 9000 square meters;
  • The factory itself is the largest, most modern, and technologically advanced shoe production in China;
  • The factory has 12 lines that produce children's shoes of various European brands;
  • The production employs more than 1,000 people;
  • The daily production volume is more than 30 000 pairs of high-quality, fashionable and modern children's shoes;
  • Weestep brand shoes are about % of the total annual volume of this shoe giant;
  • Many popular European brands place their orders at this factory;
  • The department of designers and fashion designers has more than 20 people;
  • The production capacity of the factory allows to fully meet the needs for shoes of all small Europeans;
  • The shoes produced at this factory are sold in all corners of the globe.



Children's shoes brands:


1. Weestep (America, Europe, Ukraine, Russia)

2. Chicco (Italy)

3. Graceland (Germany)

4. Reima ( Finland)

5. Bobbi Shoes (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine)

6. Сказка (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus)

7. Pasito (Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan)

8. Barbaris (Russia)

9. Kid club tienda online (Spain)

10. Code girls (America)

11. TG Kids (Korea, Japan, China)

12. Girlz Only (England)

13. NAF NAF (France)

14. Jina (England)

15. Tortuga (Germany)

16. Seven Lemon (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia)

17. Tiburon (Russia)

18. Not rated (America, Brazil)

19. Graceland (Germany, Holland)

20. Venice (Germany)

21. Conguitos (Spain)

22. Shuzzi (Belarus)

23. Pillin (Chile)

24. Kenka (Russia)

25. Miss Liberto (France)

26. Minoti (United Kingdom)

27. Max & Jessi (Russia)

28. E3 (China)

29. Peddy (America)

30. T-taccardi (Poland)

31. Eram (France)

32. Little K (Australia)

33. Pediped (America)



You can purchase high-quality, factory-made shoes of the popular Weestep brand at the best prices by wholesale in weestep.pl online store, as we are the official representative and exclusive importer of this brand in Europe. Close direct partnership with us is a guarantee of a convenience and safety in the choice of goods.


Advantages of working with us:

  • Always the latest Weestep models in a wide range;
  • Best wholesale prices in Europe;
  • Direct contact with the factory, the designing and quality control department, etc.;
  • Prompt processing and shipment of orders (You eliminate delays in the logistics of the intermediary);
  • Guarantee of return (exchange) of factory defects;
  • First-hand information about receipts, sales promotions and discounts via messengers for users registered on the site;
  • Feedback, advice and assistance from our experienced managers;
  • Any, at your choice, delivery and payment options.

Direct import and cooperation with one of the best children's shoe factories in China give us the opportunity to influence the Weestep brand range and improve its quality and practicality with each season.


“We learn and develop every day thanks to you and your feedback! Let's grow together!”


Sincerely, your reliable partner - the Weestep team!