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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale
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Weestep shoes for children in lithuania

Most recently, the trademark "Weestep" pleased Lithuania with its high-quality, fashionable and exclusive goods. The main springboard of "Weestep" in Lithuania was close cooperation with Poland, where most of the goods come from. So, in Poland, at the address: Warsaw, Nadrzeczna 16 Str. 16, Wolka Kosowska, Hala 1, box C 26 or by phone 48728880588, you can get detailed information about goods, delivery directly to Lithuania or places where our branches are located. Retail sale of "Weestep" children, teenagers and youth shoes from one or more pairs.


Wholesale you can order many sizes of shoes as you are comfortable.


TYou can order children s shoes Weestep i bulk in Lithuania can order different sizes, as your wish. A big advantage of children 's "Weestep" shoes is that your child 's feet is constantly growing, and at the most inappropriate moment you need to look for the next size of shoes.


Then wholesale, will tell you a reliable solution, in connection with which you can always have in availability shoes of the following size. For example, you grew from the twentieth size, and size-roll have on the twenty-fifth, then you will get "Weestep" size twenty-one and will be able to wear a child.


We have many options for quality children 's shoes in Lithuania, where  is a great variety, both for boys and girls.


The more shoes you buy "Weestep," the more likely you are to feel quality, style and exclusivity at an affordable price. At us all categories of children 's shoes are represented by fashion shoes of the American brand "Weestep."


So, you can freely order winter, summer or demiseason shoes of this brand.

The sports category "Weestep" consists of sneakers, boots and slippers.

There are pinets, uggies, slipons and baby shoes.

The most popular winter shoes are thermo shoes.


They are made to allow fresh air to pass inside the shoe if necessary and release excess heat during excessive activity.

The most interesting thing is that moisture doesn 't penetrate inside.


Most customers were satisfied with this thermo-bottle in Lithuania, as evidenced by positive feedback from both wholesale and retailers. A characteristic of the external material of "Weestep" shoes is environmentally friendly leather, which is durable, trendy, beautiful and perfectly dressed by children. Natural leather is also used.


Often these two materials combine, so you can find heels and socks from the skin, and a central part from the eco leather.

Such products are of great interest to customers.


It should also be noted that the sole is stable, does not wash, is resistant to severe frost and does not slide. Visit our website or site in Lithuania, look for our representative offices, contact us to discuss pressing issues, and order your favorite American "Weestep" shoes, and we will send it to you.

Lithuania has several addresses where you can find us in this country.


We have one of the largest retail and wholesale sites in the Baltic states.

By placing an order, you will be able to receive your shoes after payment.


There are plans, closer to the summer to increase the number of children's shoes "Weestep" in Lithuania, expanding its wholesale and retail site.

From the twentieth to the forty-first size, will be able to pamper you and your child with quality shoes.


The new collection "Weestep" has recently arrived not only in Poland, but also in Lithuania, which will also be able to please customers with an assortment of winter shoes.

Such footwear is represented by thermal shoes, boots and boots, as well as winter ugg boots.


The latter also enjoy great interest, because the winter is long and requires more attention from parents to protect the legs of their children.


We recommend buying several pairs of winter shoes from "Weestep", as the shift wearing, will prolong its use. 


We wish you a pleasant wearing of children's shoes "Weestep" from the American brand, which offers its products in Lithuania.

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